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Alberta Real Estate Group. Real Estate lead generation for Alberta realtors only. A Calgary based company.

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Join the Alberta Real Estate Group and receive 25-35 Calgary real estate leads per month for $380.00 + 25% of commissions earned on all system deals.

Our state of the art lead generation site,, enjoys amazing conversion rates. We are able to provide local realtor with a very consistent and steady flow of quality Calgary real estate leads. We aim to provide 30 leads per month and we strive to over deliver whenever possible!

No sign up fees, No long term contracts

Most lead generation companies charge a set up fee or they try to lock you into a long term contract. With Alberta Real Estate Group you pay for your month’s leads in advance and can cancel at any time with one month’s notice. Easy peasy.

Added Features That Help You Convert Leads Into Clients!

What $380.00 per month gets you:

On average you should get 30 leads per month. Some months you will get a few more, some a few less, but month over month the results have been very stable.

Receive leads at or below cost and pay 25% of commissions earned like you would on most referrals. When you join we adjust the Google Adwords budget upwards to ensure you and all other realtors using the system still get very close to 30 leads per month. Alberta Real Estate Group Inc profits come when you make a profit and close a deal. Hence we are motivated to get you quality leads and provide as much training or assistance as you require. This works more like a partnership than your standard lead generation company just profiting from your fees. If you don’t do any deals we would actually lose money providing you with the leads. The current USD vs CAD exchange is tough on this sort of business but we strive to keep the lead fees as close to cost as possible.

Full access to the powerful CRM (Client Relationship Management) program to manage your growing
database of buyer leads.

Smart Drip Email Plans that make staying in front of leads easier than ever before. Never lose touch with another lead.

Set up your leads with targeted e-alerts which, if done properly, will keep your buyers interested and asking for more information or viewing requests.

Set up To-Do’s and keep track of all client communications.

Mobile Access to the CRM: View your new leads on the fly. You will be emailed instantly when you get a new lead. Look them up quickly with the Mobile site and call them right away.

Hours of training webinars and a knowledge base filled with best practices for internet lead cultivation is available through the website.

Support: One on one personalized training. If you ever have a question you can call me. I am there to help answer any questions you have. I want all AREG Realtors to be as successful as possible so anything I can do to help – I’m there for you. Currently I’ve met with all the realtors on the site and have sat down and given them a one on one session on how to make the most of the CRM.

Your own subdomian: Don’t have a great web presence? You get your own sub-domain! You can have your name, You can promote this sub-domain knowing that you alone will benefit from your marketing efforts. Leads received via your sub-domain will not affect the number of leads you receive from AREG and are added to your CRM, not added to the lead round robin.

To maximize exposure, have your personal listings added to the featured listings on the AREG site. Only Realtors on the site will be able to add their listing to the featured listing section. Add this fact to your listing presentation! This is a huge win for any Realtor regardless of their web presence.

Free access to real estate’s premiere Boomtown CRM (Client Relationship Management tool) to manage your leads in ways you never thought possible.

Alberta Real Estate Group utilizes the most advanced real estate CRM available.

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